Thursday, March 12, 2015

Well Hello There!!

Wow, I can't believe its been nearly 18 months since I've posted anything. 
Lets just put this out there....I do not enjoy blogging. I'm not good with writing letters. Etc. I would much rather speak to you face to face. Even over texting. (The voice messages through FB are pretty nice though! Ha! But anywho, so much has gone on that I have no idea where to start and stop. How in depth I want to get with details. Etc. 

Lets just say that the last 7-8 months of our lives have been changed forever. I'm pretty sure I have taken a few years of my poor mother's life! There have been huge trials.  Lots of scary moments. But growth: in faith, hope, patience, and humility. 

I'll get into it more later maybe, but what I got on here tonight...errr, this morning (insomnia-1 Lynnelle-0) is a plea to my followers, family, and friends. My sister and brother-in-law are hoping/planning to host Eula again this summer. 

Most of you probably don't know of whom I speak...I don't think I've talked about her on here. She is the sweetest 13 or 14 year old girl from Ukraine that they have had the chance to host for about 11-12 weeks in the summer and then that, Christmas they got to host her for about 4 weeks maybe. 
(I could have some of my numbers in there a little wrong, but you get the point!)

They were planning on hosting her last summer with the dream, and hope, and much work done towards adopting her. However God a different plan, little Sully was due to arrive in July. (I think...can't remember his birth date) They simply couldn't do both. Not realistically speaking.

But now that my sister has mostly recovered from a hard, nearly fatal birth, she has been desperately looking for a hosting agency, but had been unsuccessful. Until the other day one of her hosting friends messaged her say that she thinks she had "...found (your) girl!". Sure enough here she was on a hosting page, "ready to go"! The Joy in this family can hardly be contained!! 

So what I am presenting to you all is this: in order to be able to host Eula for the summer again, and because they are so far behind in finding what site she was posted on, being up for hosting, they have the short timeline of having raised $500 by the end of this weekend! 

I'm going to post a link to my sister's funding page...if you feel led to donate monetarily, It will be so gratefully appreciated! Or you could donate homemade items to sell. Or you could buy some of her homemade ketchup that people have been crazy over! (No, seriously, people are ordering this stuff from her!)

But I guess above all, will you pray with us that first and foremost Summer hosting would be made possible. And that the hope and dream of adoption could be made possible. This is all Lord willing of course! 

To say that we, or at least I am excited is an understatement!! 

Here is the funding page:

Eula - Summer of 2013

Mike and Jessica, and 2 of their now 3 boys. And our sweet Eula. 
So happy! And look how she just fits right in?!? 

I love and miss her so much. Even if our relationship had many barriers: language, culture, life, etc. But built a good relationship through....Skype!! 

Help us bring Eula home to her forever family! 

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